Important life lesson essay

One of the most important life lessons you can learn is cherishing your time with people. In a few years when you graduate and go to college, you leave all the people who mean so much to you to embark on a new adventure. You have to value every moment because you get to live life once so make it count. Life goes fast, don’t forget to look around once in a while. 

When someone says, cherish your time with people, most think about their friends or family. Friends are the case for me. I play for the Cedar River Soccer Association with eighteen of my best friends. It’s hard to imagine a life where I am not playing soccer with these girls. They mean so much to me. If you met these girls, you would think that we wouldn’t like each other because we are all so different, but with us being so different we complement each other in ways that you wouldn’t think. This is why our team chemistry is so good. The way we play soccer with each other is different from any other team. Most of us have off days on the same day, but when we play well, we play well as a team. 

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Trip to New York 

While standing in the bustling Jacksonville airport, thirteen-year-old me was extremely excited. That day I was surrounded by hundreds of people, with numerous destinations unknown to me. I also had a destination of my own; I was headed to New York City. Ever since I found out my family and I were going to New York City, I looked forward to this day, and now it was here.

The event I was looking forward to the most that day was flying on an airplane. I had never flown before but always wanted to. The first thing we had to do was go through the TSA checks. The lines were shorter than normal, and we quickly went through them. It was amazing to see all the restaurants and stores inside the airport. I felt like I had just walked into a fancy shopping mall. We shopped and went to get something to eat and drink while waiting for our flight. Finally, flight attendants allowed us to board the plane.

Upon boarding the airplane, I was amazed at how crowded it was. The seats were extremely close together, and the middle aisle was quite narrow. There was barely enough space to walk to our seats, and I found it challenging to put the luggage in the carry-on bin. I began to feel claustrophobic. When I finally sat down and began to watch a movie, that feeling went away. Then the pilot told us we were about to take off. 

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Are Robots Beneficial for the Future?

Robots are one of the best innovations that humans have created, but could they turn into one of the worst? In recent history, robots are being created with much more developed software which will be beneficial for the future. They can now process more information and do more human activities like developing medicine and military ideas and exploring planets and jobs too dangerous for humans. At a point, though, it is possible that the software of robots could become much more developed and they could gain a mind of their own which is terrifying. Robots can have a very positive role in society, but there are many negative aspects that humans need to be aware of, as it could lead to human demise.

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